When hunting season is getting near, don’t get too excited just yet. To ensure you will have the best hunting experience, it is important to ensure that your hunting companion, your dog, is also ready and set for it. This article will provide helpful information and tips on how you can ready your hunting for the coming hunting season once again.

Obedience Comes First

All dogs, whether belonging to toy, working, or hunting category, will need adequate obedience training. For your hunting dog, he should be very sharp and attentive to whistle, heel, stay, steady, and sit commands if you want to have no communication problems with him. Also, when you are specifically hunting for ducks, it is also important that your pet knows how to swim and follow orders while in water. Hunting dogs should also be trained to have a lot of patience. During a hunt, it is great to have a pet companion that sits still and is always attentive to commands as soon as they are given.

A Steady Dog

Steadiness is a very essential quality that every hunting dog should have. Today, there are many methods that can be used to teach a hunting dog to be steady during a hunt. One of the most common techniques is with the use of clay-target shooting. This technique usually trains a dog how to retrieve a bumper at a specific cue.

The use of bird launcher can also be very helpful in teaching hunting dogs how to remain steady and focused during a hunt. Here, your pet will be taught not to immediately seek the bumper unless a command to do so is given. Should your dog gets excited and seeks out the bumper right after the bird launcher is set off without your command, you may attach the lead to his collar to steady him for the next round. With consistent Bed & Biscuit Dog Training, your dog will eventually learn how to steady himself and obey your command right after it is given for him.

The Art if Marking

When you need to hone your dog’s hunting skills through marking drills, you must know that this need not necessarily be done in an open water or wide field. If your dog has already good marking skills and excellent eyesight, then it shouldn’t be so hard to get him back on his hunting mood again for the coming season. Instead of wide fields and open waters, try honing your dog’s marking skills within the woodlands. This way, your dog can even help you retrieve your hunt should it becomes hidden from view.

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